About Me

Artist Katherine Steeves

I am a self-taught oil painter and nerd with a passion for fantasy art. I have been drawing since I was a child, often as gifts for my mother (who tirelessly gushed over every scrap of paper I gave her), and have never spent any length of time without at least sketching out doodles. I really have to credit my mother for all the support she has given me over the years. Even when we didn’t really have the means for it, she bought me my first digital drawing tablet and got me sketch and paint supplies, she did everything to enable me to pursue my passion for art.

While my family didn’t really have the funds for me to pursue a more traditional learning path, I haven’t let that stop me from expanding my skills and knowledge. When I discovered oil paints as a medium over 10 years ago, and quickly fell in love, I set to work in devouring every bit of information I could about it. Each painting is a challenge and teaches me something new, as well as providing an outlet for my creative side that doesn’t get nurtured as much in a regular job.

It is my joy to share my creative endeavors and lend my skills to others. My paintings are available for purchase via the Shop link in the menu. I am also open to limited commission requests which can be submitted via the commission page.