Commissions officially open!

That’s right, I am now officially for hire. Please keep reading for important information!!

I’m only going to work on 2 paintings at a time to start and will not be accepting all commission requests. I will NOT be accepting requests of a lewd nature. You are able to submit your request via the contact form on the Hire page, please be as detailed as possible and include any non-copyrighted reference images that you have.

Once we have nailed down the details and decided on a payment method, you will receive an invoice for half of the total cost. This upfront payment MUST be made before my brushes get wet, if you need to make payments in installments your spot will be reserved until that first 50% total has been paid and work will commence. This is non-refundable once painting has started.

After the painting is completed the other 50% will be due via invoicing (again, installment payments are an option) before the item is shipped. I will not ship until 100% of the agreed upon total is received.

While I love to paint and enjoy doing so for other people, I do not work for free. If you are asking me to paint something for you please understand that supplies cost money and my time is valuable, so no free paintings are available at any time. Do not ask.

New Store Page

I’m happy to announce that one of the side effects of the hosting upgrade was the ability to add a store page right here on my site. Still in the process of fiddling but it works without having to send out to another site, which is awesome. Check it out and buy a post card, really helps me out if ya do!

Migration Update

How things look now is that a quick and easy migration is not possible so I will be rebuilding the site bit by bit. While this will be a longer process than I had initially hoped for, it does allow me to clean up things a bit. One thing I will not be adding back in is my digital art gallery. After some consideration, I have come to the conclusion that it detracts from the main focus of this site, which is to showcase my paintings. If you’re still interested in seeing anything I’ve created digitally, I can create a subsite for just my digital pieces. Please let me know in the comments if this is something you would be interested in.

Happy May!!!

And a thank you to my patrons! I have officially started working again and will soon be able to fund the purchase of a new camera. Once that happens I’ll feel much better about sharing process pictures and videos. 

I have been doing alot of painting, some of which has been shared on Instagram, and I look forward to sharing much more with everyone.

What kind of posts would you be most interested in seeing? Leave a comment to let me know!

Tips from a self-taught artist

I’m still learning as I go and there is a LOT that I’ve had to learn the hard way. For example, I recently got a painting out of storage to photograph and left a little indent with my fingernail because I hadn’t let each layer completely dry. I don’t know how to fix it and don’t even know if I can.

SO Tip # 1; If it’s drying let it dry.

What I’m discovering is that oil paint may stay workable longer than acrylic but if you’re working in thin layers (like I do) it can still start drying overnight. Also, don’t forget; Fat over Lean! 

Tip # 2; Don’t start a large section if you have to stop soon.

Because of #1, my advice is to not commit to a large area or project if you don’t have a lot of time. Want to work on that painting but only have 15 minutes? Fiddle with a small section that isn’t going to require you coming back to it and remix paint for.

Tip # 3; If you think you mixed enough paint, mix some more.

This may be due to my inexperience but I have yet to mix the exact same shade of paint twice and, when the color is just a little off in an area it shouldn’t be, it can be a little distracting to look at. Mix more than you think you need. Better to have some left over.

My final tip for today is; Take care of your brushes! Clean them now, not later.

I have a hard time following this advice but the best thing to do is clean your brushes after each session. Wipe off excess paint, swish in solvent to clear out those harder to reach paint particles (like the ones close to the ferule) and clean with gentle soap and water. I use Masters Brush Cleaner soap. If you let the paint dry on it you could end up with paint stuck at the base of the brush causing the bristles to splay apart. While these older brushes still have their use (Don’t toss them unless they are coming apart on your canvas!) you won’t have the fine control  anymore.

Those are my tips that I hope are helpful. I’m still learning that the more I know about painting, the more there is that I don’t know.

I have many ideas and no plans

So… it’s been about a month now and I’m going back to work soon…ish. I have really enjoyed my time off, more than that I have enjoyed the freedom to paint whenever I felt like it because more than anything I LOVE to paint. I’m not quick at it, I like to take my time and do a little bit here and there on this painting or that. Sometimes I work on up to 3 paintings in a single day. Other times I do no painting at all. I’ve also come up with a couple ideas over the last month, one of them I’m really enjoying designing for.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about gaming mats.

Story time;

A while back someone I knew asked me to draw a couple of character portraits from their D&D group and they were going to surprise them with customized gaming mats. We discussed and agreed upon a price, and I did a couple of quick sketches based on the descriptions. At first they were excited and then a couple days later I got an email saying that they found someone on reddit who would do the work for much cheaper. They asked if I would be willing to lower my price to match the reddit artist. I declined, wished them well and never thought about it again. Until recently.

The point of this story? I’ve neglected to think about what kind of art and items I would be excited to buy IF I had money. I ignored the nerd in the room. I’ve said it before, but I’ve never truly felt it, that I needed to stop drawing things I thought other people wanted to see.  In thinking up ideas for what I’d want to see on a gaming mat, I’m a bit closer to embracing the nerd in the room. This is just an Idea, though, I don’t have any solid plans yet.


I have made the switch back over to the monthly set-up and added the new $10 tier with mini prints of the digital concepts. These will change each year to keep it fresh with new concept art for you to collect. The concepts will be ONLY what made it to canvas, as a thank you for helping to make them possible.