Store changes

So, my print on demand service recently made some changes that make it difficult to add new items. Because of this I will be switching services which means that current items will be removed. Hopefully the switch will not take too long but this change should be for the best. Thank you, always, for your support.

Major Update Time!!

Good news, everyone! I was recently able to acquire a real camera and have been spending the last 2 weeks processing photos of almost all of the paintings. They are now available in the portfolio gallery and will soon be available in the store on various items for purchase.

Random Update Time

Hello my friends! I am, of course, still here. I’ve just been quietly working on other things, again. As you might have noticed, not much has really changed on the main gallery site, most changes have taken place on the storefront. I will be adding more of my newer paintings up on here and there soon, just trying to find the best work-around for not having a real camera. It’s not easy, lol!

There has also been a lot of painting like… a lot! I think there are currently 4 paintings in the works that are just about done. Of course, I have tried to work on just one painting until completion, but it never works for me! When it’s just the one painting, there is a burst of creative energy that runs out quickly and then I have to force myself to slog through to the end. If I have more than one, I can set it aside when I start to feel the drag and come back to it refreshed later on. This method, of course, has its own issues. Sometimes I find myself sitting there thinking “I don’t know which one I want to work on today….”

But enough ranting. The point is, I’m still here, still painting, and I have not forgotten about the main gallery… much.

Caution: Wet Paint

Just wanted to put a quick little blurb up about a couple of things! 1: The grand opening sale for my art store will be expiring at the end of the year so be sure to take advantage of the 15% discount while you still can! 2: The storefront itself has changed a bit to allow for better usability (hopefully). 3: I’m still painting, I just haven’t been at a point on my current painting where I wanted to share BUT you will be seeing it soon.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram where you can see works in progress and in-studio pictures. You can also support me on Patreon to help fund my oil paint addiction. All of my members on Patreon get a monthly discount for my store.

Studio Update

As I’ve been working to update the portfolio on here, I realized that there is a good number of paintings I don’t considered finished. Either I thought of them as finished and then reconsidered or I set them aside to come back to and never did. So, over the next couple of weeks, I plan to reduce that number down to nothing before I start anything new. After doing a quick count, there are about 27 paintings to work on so needless to say I’ve got alot of work ahead of me. Since I’ll be going from oldest to newest that does mean any current personal projects will be put on hold however I am still offering commissions and those will come first.

Coming Soon for Patrons!!

While I have been a little MIA from Patreon, I have been working diligently on updating my website and integrating a storefront. It’s not perfect and is a little sparse but I can now say that I am quite happy with everything on it including, and here is the awesome part, the coupons! After doing extensive research I can now confidently offer discounts on ALL items and will be offering a monthly discount for active Patrons.

Please note that coupons will be active only for 1 month at a time and are limited to 1 use per email. This will be starting in August so be sure to sign up before August first to get your coupon code. There is no minimum level needed to qualify for the coupon.