Random Update Time

Hello my friends! I am, of course, still here. I’ve just been quietly working on other things, again. As you might have noticed, not much has really changed on the main gallery site, most changes have taken place on the storefront. I will be adding more of my newer paintings up on here and there soon, just trying to find the best work-around for not having a real camera. It’s not easy, lol!

There has also been a lot of painting like… a lot! I think there are currently 4 paintings in the works that are just about done. Of course, I have tried to work on just one painting until completion, but it never works for me! When it’s just the one painting, there is a burst of creative energy that runs out quickly and then I have to force myself to slog through to the end. If I have more than one, I can set it aside when I start to feel the drag and come back to it refreshed later on. This method, of course, has its own issues. Sometimes I find myself sitting there thinking “I don’t know which one I want to work on today….”

But enough ranting. The point is, I’m still here, still painting, and I have not forgotten about the main gallery… much.

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