Life Update

In less than a week I will be moving to a new home. I’m hoping that a new environment will help me focus better on keeping my website and other things up to date. Fresh start and all that jazz.

I have some things that need to be updated on here, plenty of new paintings to add to the gallery. There is also a plan to add new prints to the store. I’ve started making 8″x10″ prints in-house so that I can have better control of the quality of the print. This also gives me the opportunity to start offering special edition prints so I’m very excited about that. Additionally, I’ve been looking into making stickers at home as well since this will enable me to keep the cost and price down.

As crazy as it may sounds, one of the things I’m most excited about in my new home will be the wall color. Currently my walls are beige and that has been having an effect on taking photos of the artwork. It’s also a very depressing color, I’ve concluded. The new walls will be a nice neutral white, which helps light reflect better and without the color shift in photos.

Another thing I am looking forward to is the dining area, which has traditionally been my studio space, is it’s on space rather than an extension of the living area and is a bit larger as well. Not quite to the point of it being it’s own room but getting closer.

All in all I am really looking forward to this new chapter of my life. After 7 years where I’m currently at, it was most certainly time.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say now…. bye!

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