• Life Update
    In less than a week I will be moving to a new home. I’m hoping that a new environment will help me focus better on keeping my website and other things up to date. Fresh start and all that jazz. I have some things that need to be updated on… Read more: Life Update
  • Store changes
    So, my print on demand service recently made some changes that make it difficult to add new items. Because of this I will be switching services which means that current items will be removed. Hopefully the switch will not take too long but this change should be for the best.… Read more: Store changes
  • Major Update Time!!
    Good news, everyone! I was recently able to acquire a real camera and have been spending the last 2 weeks processing photos of almost all of the paintings. They are now available in the portfolio gallery and will soon be available in the store on various items for purchase.
  • Random Update Time
    Hello my friends! I am, of course, still here. I’ve just been quietly working on other things, again. As you might have noticed, not much has really changed on the main gallery site, most changes have taken place on the storefront. I will be adding more of my newer paintings… Read more: Random Update Time
  • Caution: Wet Paint
    Just wanted to put a quick little blurb up about a couple of things! 1: The grand opening sale for my art store will be expiring at the end of the year so be sure to take advantage of the 15% discount while you still can! 2: The storefront itself… Read more: Caution: Wet Paint
  • Studio Update
    As I’ve been working to update the portfolio on here, I realized that there is a good number of paintings I don’t considered finished. Either I thought of them as finished and then reconsidered or I set them aside to come back to and never did. So, over the next… Read more: Studio Update
  • Commissions officially open!
    That’s right, I am now officially for hire. Please keep reading for important information!! I’m only going to work on 2 paintings at a time to start and will not be accepting all commission requests. I will NOT be accepting requests of a lewd nature. You are able to submit… Read more: Commissions officially open!
  • New Store Page
    I’m happy to announce that one of the side effects of the hosting upgrade was the ability to add a store page right here on my site. Still in the process of fiddling but it works without having to send out to another site, which is awesome. Check it out… Read more: New Store Page
  • Migration Update
    How things look now is that a quick and easy migration is not possible so I will be rebuilding the site bit by bit. While this will be a longer process than I had initially hoped for, it does allow me to clean up things a bit. One thing I… Read more: Migration Update
  • Site Updating!
    Don’t worry, this is still the artist portfolio website for Katherine Steeves. I had to upgrade my hosting service and couldn’t put it off any longer. I will be working to migrate my old site over to the new service as quickly as possible but in the meantime you can… Read more: Site Updating!