• Caution: Wet Paint
    Just wanted to put a quick little blurb up about a couple of things! 1: The grand opening sale for my art store will be expiring at the end of the year so be sure to take advantage of the 15% discount while you still can! 2: The storefront itself […]
  • Studio Update
    As I’ve been working to update the portfolio on here, I realized that there is a good number of paintings I don’t considered finished. Either I thought of them as finished and then reconsidered or I set them aside to come back to and never did. So, over the next […]
  • Commissions officially open!
    That’s right, I am now officially for hire. Please keep reading for important information!! I’m only going to work on 2 paintings at a time to start and will not be accepting all commission requests. I will NOT be accepting requests of a lewd nature. You are able to submit […]
  • New Store Page
    I’m happy to announce that one of the side effects of the hosting upgrade was the ability to add a store page right here on my site. Still in the process of fiddling but it works without having to send out to another site, which is awesome. Check it out […]
  • Migration Update
    How things look now is that a quick and easy migration is not possible so I will be rebuilding the site bit by bit. While this will be a longer process than I had initially hoped for, it does allow me to clean up things a bit. One thing I […]
  • Site Updating!
    Don’t worry, this is still the artist portfolio website for Katherine Steeves. I had to upgrade my hosting service and couldn’t put it off any longer. I will be working to migrate my old site over to the new service as quickly as possible but in the meantime you can […]